About Chanderi

Any mention of Chanderi and the first thought that comes to the mind is not the town but the fine, silken fabric woven here. With a loom in virtually every house and the streets reverberating with the continuous beats of the khatka, weaving is literally the heartbeat of the town. Subsidiary traditional occupations include beedi making, bamboo weaving, stone quarrying and dressing, pottery etc.

The fortunes of Chanderi have always been entwined with the fortunes of its weaves. Hence, the history of the town will remain incomplete without a look at this artistic tradition.

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Although weaving is the main livelihood option for the majority of the population, household incomes are supplemented by beedi making. It usually employs the women and girls of the family, who are commonly seen at the doors of their homes engaged in drying the leaves and rolling tobacco into them once they are dry.

Raw material for the products is procured locally from the forest which lies in vicinity of the town. Bamboo is abundant during the rainy season, which is when most of the weaving is done. Bamboo is the traditional occupation of the Bansors.

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As Chanderi is located on the Malwa plateau, the region around it is extremely rich in sandstone. The stone is quarried on a large scale from the surrounding areas and then transported.



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