About Chanderi

Dudua Tomb,ChanderiThis mausoleum is situated in the Dudua Mohalla of Bhahr Shahr. Scattered around this tomb are the tombstones of prominent muslims of that age. On a wall surrounding the cemetery are fixed inscribed tablets which inform us that during Ghyasuddin Khilji’s reign, when Sher Khan was Chanderi’s governor, a tomb, a mosque, a garden and a palace raised directly on solid rock, without foundations, were constructed.

This mosque is still used by the Muslims of the area and is in good condition. The tomb, however, is suffering from neglect. The palace, situated close by, retains all the initial four storeys. It is now a private property referred to locally as Ustad ji ki haveli. Renovations have been carried out inside but the outside structure is original and clearly of the 15th century.

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