About Chanderi

It is a Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Hotel with a restaurant and parking facility. Located on the Chanderi – Lalitpur Road, it is at a distance of 2 kilometres from Chanderi main town. The hotel has one Delux AC Room priced at Rs. 990 per night with Rs. 150 for an extra bed. There are 4 AC rooms at Rs. 890 per night (Rs. 150 for an extra bed) and 5 air-cooled rooms at Rs. 590 per night (Rs. 100 for an extra bed). Additional Luxury Tax of 10% is applicable.

Tel: +911-07547-252222
Address: Tana Bana Hotel, Chanderi – Lalitpur Road, near Kuku Talaiya, Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India.
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