About Chanderi

The event of the son of the Prophet Mohammad’s uncle Ali’s death is commemorated with great reverence in Chanderi. Three life size Taziyahs are prepared for the ceremony namely Baadshah Ka Taziyah, Wazir Ka Taziyah and Banjari Tola.

The structure of each Taziyah is wooden while the outer covering is made of cloth, a practice distinct from other places where newspaper is the preferred covering for a Taziyah.

On the eve of the 7th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, three processions take place from Andar Shaher, Bahar Shaher and Maidan Gali, led by their respective standard bearers. These processions congregate at Maula Ali Ka Pahar at sunset where the Fateh Khwani is read out followed by the distribution of sweets. They then assemble at Imam Bada at midnight where a sacrificial fire is lit. The ceremony begins when a metal palm is thrown into the fire and a man out of the whole gathering feels that a djinn has entered his body. Within a few minutes, he jumps into the fire, retrieves the smouldering metal palm from the flames, wraps it in a piece cloth and starts running. Before he gets too far, he is chained by the crowd who start running along with him in the lead. The mourning ceremony continues on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of the month of Muharram. Processions are taken out at different times in Andar Shahr, Bahar Shahr and Madian Gali, followed by contests and competitions of fencing and other sports. On the evening of the 10th day, after all the hullabaloo is over, all the three processions meet at Delhi Darwaza and head towards Karballa, led by the Baadshah Taziyah and followed by the Wazir ka Taziyah and the Banjari Tola.

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