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Thubon,ChanderiFrom Chanderi, Thubon lies at a distance of 28 kilometres on the road leading to Ashok Nagar. Located between the rivers Urr and Lilawati, Thubon’s importance, historically, is as yet unrecognized. However, with the remains of innumerable temples in evidence, this importance is by no means deniable.

Around 15 of these temples are still standing, some of which are Shaiva and others Vaishnava in affiliation; their time periods vary from the 10th to the 12th centuries. The temples have life – size sculptures of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations as well as of Shiva, Parvati and other Shaiva deities. A particular monastic complex has about four temples surrounded by quarters which would have served as accommodation for the monks and mendicants.

Thubon is also one of the 15 famous holy destinations for the Jains with many Jain temples, ashrams etc. in the area. The Jain temples, which belong to the 12th through 17th centuries, number to 26.

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