About Chanderi

Badal Mahal Darwaza,Chanderi

This structure, the most eminent among all monuments in Chanderi, is situated at the southern end of the inner city. Located within one of the seven interlocking walls which enclosed specific areas of the town, the darwaza was built in the 15th century, during the reign of Sultan Mahmood Shah Khilji I. It is said that this gateway stood at the entrance of a palace, Badal Mahal, but this palace no longer survives.

The gate itself consists of an arched entrance on either side of which are tall fluted minarets. Above the door is a gap and right on top is another arch, inserted with jaalis of four separate patterns. Flanking the door are two floral roundels, smaller versions of which also decorate the minarets. Also among the ornaments are miniature arched facades and other geometric motifs.

Its importance as an iconic monument is clear as it form is now etched as a seal which is put on the letters which are posted in Chanderi. This is also the stamp which Madhya Pradesh Handloom Department puts on the hand-woven sarees which Chanderi is famous for.

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