About Chanderi

Kati Ghati Gateway,ChanderiThis heraldic structure, cut entirely out of living rock, is situated on the southern edge of Chanderi, forming a link between Bundelkhand on the north and Malwa on the south. Standing tall at 230 ft above ground level, the gate itself is 80 ft high and 39 ft wide. An inscription both in Devnagari and Nask scripts, on the eastern wall of the gate states that its construction was commissioned in AD 1495 by Jiman Khan, the son of the then Governor of Chanderi, Sher Khan.

The legend associated with the construction of this gate is extremely tragic. The gate was to be cut in order to welcome the Sultan of Malwa, Ghyasuddin Khilji, who was to arrive in Chanderi the very next day. A frantic Jiman Khan announced an award for any mason who would be able to carve out the gate in one night. Only one mason accepted the challenge and assured Jiman Khan that he with his crew would accomplish the task. The next morning, Jiman Khan was pleasantly surprised to see the gateway in place, but on further inspection he noticed that it lacked the provision for door hinges. Since the gate was located at a strategically important spot, it was mandatory for security reasons, that there be a door in place. Jiman Khan refused to pay the stone mason for making this mistake. The latter walked away empty handed despite the fact that he had accomplished the impossible feat.  Dejected and inconsolable, he later committed suicide. Till today, the Kati Ghati Gate stands without a door.

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