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Purana Madarsa,Chanderi

Built in 1450 under the aegis of Mahmood Khilji I of the Malwa Sultanate, this elegant structure is actually the tomb of a mudarris (teacher) and the aalim (vice –chancellor) of the darool uloom (university) which was functional during this period, and the ruins of which can be seen in the vicinity.  The term madarsa is a misnomer; it probably got associated with this monument due to the presence of a madarasa in the surrounding area.

The walls of the tomb boast of intricately carved jaalis in which the six pointed star, analogous to the Star of David, finds ardent expression along with other decorative motifs. Roundels with beautifully carved flowers adorn the upper portion of the interior and exterior walls. The square central chamber is surrounded by an arcaded corridor. The chamber is accessed through a single arched doorway in the middle of the front wall. Within this chamber are two tombstones, placed next to each other, which are engraved with exquisite geometrical patterns in high relief. Also, on the interior of the western wall, the central section is ornately carved to indicate the direction of prayer.

The structure, made entirely out of sandstone had five domes, the biggest of which stood in the centre, surrounded by four smaller ones.

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