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Nanaun Rock Painting,ChanderiNear the village of Nanaun, along the river Urr (Urvashi), can be found the earliest imprints of human existence in the region. Sandstone rock formations, which would have served as shelters from sun and rain for the pre-historic man also became the canvas for his art. These rock paintings can be found all the way from Chota Bharka to Bharka waterfall.

Most are simply executed in red ochre and depict themes which reflect the concerns of wandering humans of the age. Scenes of hunting, humans carrying weapons and riding, animals including bulls, cows, deer, stags, tigers, elephants, camels, monkeys, crocodiles, snakes etc. as well as birds and even beehives are drawn. Time period of the paintings ranges from the Palaeolithic age when stick-like line drawings were made to the Neolithic age when figures with internal patterning and filled-in forms were done.

The paintings at Nanaun are not the only rock drawings in evidence in the area. Similar drawings have been found in cave shelters at Raja Caves, Gidkhal, Chiroli (along River Belan), Bharki, Aamkho (along River Ghoda Pachad), Deokani hills, Thubon (along River Lilat).

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