About Chanderi

Battisi Bawdi,ChanderiThis stepwell is located to the north-west of the city and is the largest of all stepwells in Chanderi. It is square in shape, each side being 60 ft in length and 4 storeys deep. Steps descend from one storey down to the next and at each storey there are eight ghats. The number of ghats total to 32 which has given this Bawdi its name. The main stairs are on the southern end which proceed through two doorways. Beside the stairs are two inscriptions in Arabic and Persian, written in the Nask script.

The inscriptions inform us that work on the Bawdi was begun during the reign of Sultan Ghyasuddin Khilji by one Taghi, who was the son of the then collector or shariq-ul-mulk and the structure was completed in the year 1484.

The inscription also tells us that besides the bawdi, a garden, as well as a mosque, which has been compared to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, was also built.

Another inscription, to be found above the second gateway, gives the name of the artist who etched the two inscriptions.

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