About Chanderi

Chanderi Museum,ChanderiLocated at the corner where the Mungaoli and Isagarh roads diverge, the Chanderi Museum greets the visitor ahead of the town. The magnificent stone faced building houses the sculptures and ancient artefacts recovered from Chanderi and its vicinity, particularly Boodhi Chanderi and Thubon.

Inaugurated on the 14th of September, 2008 the museum currently has displays in five galleries. The first gallery, called History of Chanderi begins with a display of photographs of the rock paintings found at Nanuan and other cave shelters, includes the tools and implements of the early man and goes on to the sculptures of the later centuries. Another gallery, titled Jain Gallery houses the statues of the various Jain Tirthankaras and remains of other Jain temples found at Thubon and Boodhi Chanderi. In the Vishnu Gallery stone images of the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu like Varaha, Vamana, Narasimha etc. are on show. In the open air gallery around the central courtyard are displayed around 10 inscriptions in Sanskrit language but in different scripts.

Outside the building, within the campus are exhibited scores of ruined doorways belonging to the Hindu temples also discovered at Boodhi Chanderi and Thubon.

The museum also has a library which houses around 3000 books on the history of the region.

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