About Chanderi

The palette of the inhabitants of Chanderi is assorted, corresponding to their faith, caste and social standing.  Brahmans, Banias and Jains satiate their hunger by gorging on elaborately prepared vegetarian food including Daal Baati, Kheer – Poodi, Aalu subzi, Guja Papariyan and Karhi – Chawal.

Dhimars, Ahirs, Kolis and Khatiks are more partial to Maheri (a traditional dish made of corn), Dal Bhajiya, spicy vegetables like Kankaua, Baramasi, Katila and Rajgira and prefer a meal consisting of mutton, chicken or fish on weekends.

The Muslims have an elaborate palette, incorporating both vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes like Dal – Chawal, Subzi – Roti, Gosht – Roti, Mutton Stew, Biryani, Sevaiyaan, Dal Halwa and Zarda Pulao etc. In contrast, an Adivasi’s resources allow him to eat only roti and chutney made of red chillies, onions, garlic and salt.

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