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Koshak Mahal

This simple yet imposing building, located on the Isagarh road at a distance of 4 kilometres from Chanderi… [more]

Koshak Mahal Koshak Mahal

Shehzadi Ka Rauza

This elegant structure, built on a 12 feet high platform, stands near the Parmeshwar Pond. On the outside… [more]

Shehzadi Ka Rauza Shehzadi Ka Rauza

Ramnagar Palace and Museum

The road through the Kati Ghati gate leads up to the Ramnagar Palace which is also a museum maintained… [more]

Ramnagar Palace and Museum Ramnagar Palace and Museum

Purana Madarsa

Built in 1450 under the aegis of Mahmood Khilji I of the Malwa Sultanate, this elegant structure is actually… [more]

Purana Madarsa Purana Madarsa

Kati Ghati Gateway

This heraldic structure, cut entirely out of living rock, is situated on the southern edge of Chanderi,… [more]

Kati Ghati Gateway Kati Ghati Gateway

Behti Math

Located 3 kilometres away from the village of Behti, which in turn is 20 kilometres south-east of Chanderi, … [more]

Behti Math Behti Math

Nanuan Rock Paintings

Near the village of Nanaun, along the river Urr (Urvashi), can be found the earliest imprints of human… [more]

Nanuan Rock Paintings Nanuan Rock Paintings


This mosque, situated a short distance from the main town, was built in AD 1495 by the Governor Sher… [more]

Idgah Idgah

Khandargiri Temple

About 2 kilometres south of town, on the Ramnagar road is the Khandargiri temple complex which is a popular… [more]

Khandargiri Temple Khandargiri Temple

Badal Mahal Darwaza

This structure, the most eminent among all monuments in Chanderi, is situated at the southern end of… [more]

Badal Mahal Darwaza Badal Mahal Darwaza

Singhpur Palace

Set in the midst of the the Vindhyachal hill ranges, the Singhpur Palace is located at a distance of… [more]

Singhpur Palace Singhpur Palace

Kirti Durg

The Kirti Durg was first constructed by the 11th century Pratihara king Kirti Pal and is named after… [more]

Kirti Durg Kirti Durg

Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid, with a capacity of holding over 2000 persons at the time of prayer, is the largest and… [more]

Jama Masjid Jama Masjid

Jageshwari Temple

The founding of this temple is interlinked with the lore of founding of modern Chanderi, when the Pratihara… [more]

Jageshwari Temple Jageshwari Temple

Nizamuddin Family Tombs

Approached by the Chanderi Mongawali road, situated near the Jama Masjid, in the Andar Shehar or Inner… [more]

Nizamuddin Family Tombs Nizamuddin Family Tombs

Hazrat Ismaeel Tomb,ChanderiThis mazaar is located to the south of the town, near Chakla Bawdi and is the burial place of the saint Hazrat Ismaeel, spiritual guide to the renowned Khwaja Khanoon of Gwalior. Besides Hazrat Ismaeel, also to be found within the campus are the tombs of his father and grandfather. The mazaar continues to be a place of spiritual fulfilment for his followers.

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Royal Horses Memorial,ChanderiThis memorial, located near the Parmeshwar Talaab, is dedicated to two horses believed to have been favourites of the Bundela kings. Said to have been built in their remembrance, the memorial consists of two stone plaques carved with the images of two well adorned horses.

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Maharaja Bharat Shah Chhatri,ChanderiThis monument, built in 1642 commemorates the Bundela Maharaja Bharat Shah and marks the spot where he was cremated. Built near the Parmeshwar Pond, the structure is octagonal in plan with sandstone walls crowned by a dome. Essentially of just one storey, the eaves on the outside are designed to make it appear double storeyed. Each alternate face of the second storey is relieved by a projecting balcony.

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Maharaja Devi Singh Bundela Chhatri,ChanderiBuilt in 1663, this chhatri is similar to that of Maharaja Bharat Shah but is smaller in dimensions. With eaves at two levels, the building appears, on the outside, to have three storeys but inside it is just one structure. Interestingly, three wall faces out of the eight are decorated with mosque-like arches and even carved with verses from the Holy Quran. These were possibly meant for his Muslim subjects for them to offer prayers for his soul on his death anniversaries.

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Alam Giri Mosques,ChanderiAlam Giri mosques, called so because they were built during the reign of Aurangzeb or Alamgir are ten in number. Scattered throughout the town, these are modest, single storeyed structures with only three arches in the main building with a courtyard in front. Distinctly different from the Khilji period structures, the mosques are interestingly decorated with figures of flowerpots and what appears to be a huqqa.

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